May. 9th, 2013

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-- Gotten up with Jo at 4:50 a.m. to dose Primatene for a barking cough that will not go away.  Once we are back from Pittsburgh, off to the pediatrician with her...

-- Made Jo's breakfast

-- Made Jo's lunch

-- Washed all the dishes and put them away or in the dishwasher so that the housekeeper doesn't treyf them when she comes

-- Cleaned up one puddle of Muppet pee because the pampered little thing refuses to pee outside when it's raining

-- Ditto two poops.  I have no idea how a dog this small has so much in her intestines.

-- Gave Jo a Child's Allegra along with a glass of water she spilled

-- Cleaned up the water

-- Gave Jo a second Primatene dose, which she says she swallowed wrong and so regurgitated, along with the partly dissolved pill, the water containing the liquid part of the partly dissolved pill, and some mucus, all over her comforter, which she dragged downstairs.  Somehow she didn't also manage to throw up her breakfast, so I am counting my blessings.

-- Washed said comforter, which led to the following: 
        1.  The discovery that the washer, filled too full of clothing last night, leaked all over the rug in the laundry room (either that or Muppet's been really busy)
        2.  The necessity of standing in the puddle in my bare feet and long nightgown while taking clothes out of the dryer, piling them up on the table down there because the basket down there is full of others of Jo's comforters she has either soiled or which the dog has soiled for her (Or they may be clean.  We use a fragrance-free laundry detergent so as not to irritate her eczema, so I can't tell what stage of laundered they are), and putting the once-fresh, now soiled comforter into the laundry.

Kill me now, please.


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