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Okay, we're getting a plan together.

Today I called both Jo's psychologist and her psychotherapist. Thank god, the psychotherapist got back to us. She spoke to L and said that we should strive at this point to keep Jo as calm as possible, and the ER should be reserved for a situation only in which Jo is unable to calm down and is suffering greatly, or if she is in danger. She also doesn't like the way the ER's in our area handle child/adolescent mental health intake -- they would just give her Risperdal and refer her back to her provider (Dr. Lipschutz, the psychotherapist, to whom L spoke) or they would admit her, which is terrifying and triggering. The earliest she can meet with Jo is Monday at noon, so I took that appointment. She then gave us the names of two psychiatrists who she thinks are fantastic. However, the most fantastic cannot see us until January, so he provided us with the names of 5 other psychiatrists he thinks are equally fantastic. I explained to my immediate supervisor, who is a decent human being with 4 kids and most of a PsyD and a Master's in Clinical Psychology what was going on and he gave me a secret day off on Monday. This means I can devote Monday to calling all of these doctors to find one who can see her. This leaves us without treatment over the weekend, though, so Dr. Lipschutz (who was so goddamned comforting to us both over the phone, god) told us if she is very distressed over the weekend, we are to take her to the ER. I plan on the ER at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, because they're just amazing over there at pretty much everything, and are responsible for other Jo miracles, like clearing up her eczema, and Adam miracles, like helping me through his Asperger's rages. But no ER unless things are very, very distressing to her.

Being a behavioral researcher and unable to leave alone, I found the following extremely comforting article: You can read just the abstract and the discussion section. It helped us feel better a lot, especially since Jo has no other features of schizophrenia. Even if this is an early sign, catching it early like this means much better outcomes. And it may be freaking nothing at all, as our dearest friend [ profile] flw spent the better part of oh, all morning, trying to tell me. But it could be a feature of anxiety and thus incredibly treatable. I really hope so.

And I cannot wait until this fucking horrible year which has come along with so much tragedy and bad luck for us and those we love so much is over. Oddly, just a few days ago I looked at the calendar and thought, "just a few more weeks -- I wonder what the fuck else can 2013 deliver?" Now I know. Good lord. Fuck you, 2013.
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